Our Hosting Solutions

Everything you need in a host.

Our Features

Everything You’ll Need

Instant Access

Connect to your website with any device, anywhere.

Premium Upload Speeds

With LiteSpeed integration, your server is 20x faster than traditional Apache!

Flawless Connectivity

Always stay connected with our cloud servers.


Complimentary Security Shield for all users to protect against threats/attacks.

Complete Control

Manage all your content, email, and domains all in one platform.

Cloud Servers

Optimized cloud servers tailored for your needs. 


Let your site do its job. Allow anyone with any device have access to your site!

Daily Backups

Relax knowing your website is backed up offsite automatically and can be easily restored in cPanel.

Dynamic Firewall

We stop threats before they start!

Providing You Reliable Uploads, Downloads, & Backups

We Give You the Ease of Use You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities

What WE Do

Laiman Hosting puts clients first. We have solutions for all your needs!

Uptime Guarantee

With our cloud servers, your site is kept running 24x7x365. If an issue begins to arise, our team makes every effort to resolve it BEFORE an outage occurs.

Secure Backups

Your content is securely backed up offsite automatically ensuring you have access to all your data.

Safe & Secure

Security is our #1 priority. Rest easy knowing our Security Shield is proactively utilizing machine-learning technology to protect your site from attacks/threats.

Dedicated Support

Our team is not only dedicated to keep your site up and running, we are determined to keep our clients happy with constant support.

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